Professional, Personalized Mixing


A well mixed track is the difference between your song being a flop or becoming a hit.

You’ve spent a ton of your time writing and producing a great song - but if your track is not mixed properly, then all of that work goes to waste.

After listening to your song over and over again while creating it, your ears become numb to it. I’ll be your fresh set of ears and use my 10+ years of experience to mix your track to perfection.

Oh yeah, and whenever I mix your track I also master it for free to make sure it’s ready to release!



  • Up to 20 stems: $149

  • 21 to 40 stems: $199

  • 41 to 60 stems: $249

    You can combine similar sounds into the same stem and separate them however you would like (i.e. leads, percussion, pads, etc.). For more information on exporting stems refer to the mixing submission guidelines.


Before & After ComparisoNS (From Past CLients)


How To Prepare Your Stems For Mixing

  • All stems must be in WAV format

  • Make sure there is no limiting or compression on your master bus when bouncing stems

  • Make sure there is no clipping on your individual tracks or master output

  • Make sure any 'normalize' feature is turned off in your DAW when bouncing stems

  • I highly recommend sending your stems without reverb & delay so I can have more control over them

  • You should combine stems into groups of similar sounds (synths, leads, bass, percussion, etc.)

  • All stems must be named accordingly

  • Must compress all stems into a .zip folder

  • You can use the free service WeTransfer to send the .zip folder to

  • Never hesitate to contact me before you send your stems so we can make sure I have everything I need to make your track sound great!